Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Adobe Premiere ClipAdobe Premiere Clip description :

Adobe Premiere Clip makes it fast and easy to create amazing videos. Capture the moment by shooting video on the go, and then use Premiere Clip to bring clips together and add the finishing touches that make a video look and sound great. Projects sync across all your devices automatically, so you can start on one device and pick up your edits on another. Want to take a project further? Send it to Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Connected to Adobe Creative Cloud, Premiere Clip makes video editing simple.

Adobe Premiere Clip feature :

Drag and drop clips and photos into the order you like, trim out the parts you don’t want, and add visual polish with color filters, transitions, slo-mo effects, and more.

Great audio makes a video look better. Adobe Premiere Clip introduces Smart Volume, which evens out audio levels across clips, and Auto Mix, which dynamically balances music you add and dialogue in the clip.

Because Premiere Clip is connected to Creative Cloud, you can rough out a video no matter where you are, and then take your project further with the industry-leading professional editing tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Install Adobe Premiere Clip :

Adobe Premiere Clip - Create, edit & share videos (AppStore Link) Adobe Premiere Clip - Create, edit & share videos
Developer: Adobe Systems, Inc.
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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