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AVATANK description:

The shadow of the devil appears in the peaceful village. A large number of people in the village are infected by the spirit of the devil. The people who have been infected by the evils will have red eyes. People who have escaped from the grip of the devil will have to fight with the evils and three demons in order to win this battle. Also, in every stage you must acquire more than 260 diamonds.
By doing so, you need to wake the ‘RedSpace’ tank which is sealed deep under the basement in order to defeat the ‘final boss’ and bring peace to the village.
Remember! To unseal the ‘RedSpace’ tank, you need to defeat three bosses and have more than 260 diamonds!

AVATANK compatibility: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

AVATANK features:

Easy and Simple operations – Just tilting device and touching view



AVATANK has 3 Level – 90 stages, 3 bosses and lastly a Devil King waiting for you.

There are 13 cool and lovely characters waiting for you. Whenever you clear the stage you gain a GoldGear which lets you to buy a tank from the shop. Have fun with your new tank!
With great animations, fx sounds effects and the unique styles of each tank, the game will stimulate your senses and add fun to your game.
The great hit will increase your enjoyment.
‘Singleplay Mode’ , ‘1 vs 1 Multiplay Mode (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)’ , ‘Shop’ , ‘Special Weapon’ , ‘Enemies Special Units’


Rated: 9+
Price: $0.99 Download

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