Counter Terrorist Squad Shooter

Counter Terrorist Squad Shooter compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Counter Terrorist Squad ShooterCounter Terrorist Squad Shooter description :

Soldier-on as your own one man army in this amazingly fun shooting game!

Take out enemy troops like a well-trained sniper and dominate in your counter terrorist efforts!

You are the only one left. You are the only soldier left who can stand up and free the world of the terrorist threat that is endangering your world. Do you have the skills?

This awesome first person shooting game will challenge your abilities to move and shoot with speed and accuracy of a sniper.

Cool graphics and fantastic game effects are what this game is all about! Trek your way behind enemy lines, take up your sniper position, and start shooting enemy soldiers with your perfected shooting skills. Good luck soldier, the rest of your world is counting on you!

Counter Terrorist Squad Shooter features :

Fun first person shooter
Awesome sniper missions that will challenge you
Amazingly cool graphics and effects that put you in the scene
Improve your virtual marksmanship skills in the many levels of play
Cool game-play that emphasizes the brilliant shooting physics and design
Professionally designed and expertly created shooting game app that you will love

Keep track of your progress and challenge your friends to beat you.

Keep a sharp eye for the enemy and a sniper-steady trigger finger.

Good luck soldier!

Install Counter Terrorist Squad Shooter :

Counter Terrorist Squad Shooter - One Man Army Action Mayhem Destiny (AppStore Link) Counter Terrorist Squad Shooter - One Man Army Action Mayhem Destiny
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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