Cube compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

CubeCube description :

Cube is a singleplayer and multiplayer first person shooter that provides satisfying and fast oldskool gameplay.

This opensource game is built on an entirely new and very unconventional engine.

Cube is a landscape-style engine that pretends to be an indoor FPS engine, which combines very high precision dynamic occlusion culling with a form of geometric mipmapping on the whole world for dynamic LOD for configurable fps & graphic detail.

Most of the engine design is targeted at reaching feature richness through simplicity of structure and brute force, rather than finely tuned complexity.

Cube features :

This iphone port is provided by fernLightning is a technology demo that supports all of the functionality of the desktop version including multiplayer, in-game editing, cooperative editing, demo recording, etc (though some of these are impractical on the iphone) – please visit the official Cube homepage for more information. Furthermore we encourage people to check out the newest version of Cube – Cube 2: Sauerbraten – a far more powerful and modern version.

fernLighting thanks Wouter van Oortmerssen of dot3labs for his permission to release this port.

Customer Reviews :

This looks like quake 2. The game is cool. The game has hard controls that new first person shooter gamers and even new gamers shouldn’t pick as a first choice. I mean, I’m used to first person shooters as I’ve played call of duty and other games you probably don’t know about. Though, the game could use a d-pad or analog stick, this might have lag the game though. I wish you could see all the things you do while playing the game as it is hard to remember. All this might not be too much for the iphone’s and iPod touch’s processor, but the graphics chip might not be able to handle all the extra screen space as the bitmapping and the amount of enemies might be too much for the iPod touch or iPhone. The visuals on the iPhone are about gamecube limits. Anyways, great game, great price, but hard controls.

Update: you should definitely try this before getting any other fps on the iPhone. Just so you can experience other games. Though. This game feels too much like a tech demo. I feel that this game could be more polished. Anyways, you seriously have to get this

Install Cube :

Cube (AppStore Link) Cube
Developer: Robert Pointon
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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