Dead Rage Revenge Soul HD

Dead Rage Revenge Soul HD compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Dead Rage Revenge Soul HDDead Rage Revenge Soul HD description :

HD Version with High Quality Graphic!

The Bloodiest FPS mobile game!
New story mode, challenge mode!!!


Sean served in a special military , and do not want to be the killing machine. One day a sudden outbreak of the virus crisis enveloped his home city. Sean failed to rescue his wife and daughter from the virus. In order to investigate the disaster cause, Sean embarked on a path of revenge. Along with killings, the truth came to light, and the danger is approaching. Sean has gradually caught the edge of collapse … Could Sean find the truth finally?

Dead Rage Revenge Soul HD features :

A variety of levels in different modes to challenge!

RAGE Explosion system: Accumulate the anger from kills and headshots! When the Rage Gauge is full, the death screams of zombies will be heard….

SPECIAL UI design for touch screen and easy to control.

HIGH QUALITY 3D image upgraded!

COMBO system and targeting headshots will challenge your limits.

A variety of the famous modern weapons upgradeable!

Install Dead Rage Revenge Soul HD :

Dead Rage: Revenge Soul HD (AppStore Link) Dead Rage: Revenge Soul HD
Developer: Ti Knight Co., Ltd.
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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