Fantasy Adventure

Fantasy Adventure requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Fantasy AdventureFantasy Adventure description :

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Fantasy Adventure is a cute game, combining RTS and RPG systems which are the key features in this game. Players can control the main character—Roland, and there are 12 teammates can be chosen to compete against lots of monsters together.

Stage-mode has 60 stages, before playing this mode, players need to create a team which has a max of 4 members. You can choose more teammates after completing more stages.

As the game advances, the stages will become more difficult; player needs to train themselves to improve their level, strengthen equipments and also learn various skills as their level goes up. Each character can learn 3 Active Skills and 3 Passive Skills. According to the different skill combination, there are more than hundreds type that can be played in the game. Players can become stronger by using the upgrade system which has five stages to upgrade each equipment. It will help player to go through the stages easily.

When players reach level 20, they can learn a special Active Skill. This special Skills will allow players to transform into the mythology role—Mageborn which has huge power to assist player to overcome all monsters.

Fantasy Adventure features :


Easy operation
60 versatile stages
13 characters that can be chosen
More than hundreds skill can be learned
The fantasy Mageborn Transformer
Variety types of role training

Install Fantasy Adventure :

Fantasy Adventure (AppStore Link) Fantasy Adventure
Developer: Userjoy Technology Co., Ltd.
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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