My Fixie

My Fixie compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

My FixieMy Fixie description :

With one touch you will be able to customize your own personal Fixie.

It is possible to customize and update your parts continuously.

Easy to use
You can create your own bike with the various tools provided by My Fixie. Just by touching the screen you can create your own personal bike.

Easy to share with others
You can send your original Fixie through facebook This will give you the opportunity to share your Fixie with many people.

If you have trouble deciding on what color or item is suitable for you, just shake your iphone.
With just a shake, you will randomly receive a unique Fixie.
Who knows? You may end up with the Fixie of your desire.

My Fixie features :

Application Instructions
Simple and easy to use interface
More than 100 million customized patterns, Up to 20 different colors to choose from to customize with endless possibilities.
Not only will you customize the frame, wheel, tire, and handle, but will also have the chance to customize the hub and bolt.
An experience that is similar to the actual creation of a physical bike.
Size reductions that make the experience fitting for creating a bike.
Possible to change the background
Customize with random selection
Change the settings of a Fixie that has been already saved
You don’t even need an extra application to upload your Fixie on facebook
Save your Fixie in your photo album
Send your Fixie to a friend

My Fixie (AppStore Link) My Fixie
Developer: Sebin Han
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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