Grub designed for both iPhone and iPad

Grub description :

Snake Action is Back! “Grub” combines the best of snake gameplay with smooth accelerometer controls and a series of challenging levels

I recommend checking out Grub if you’ve been looking for a fun and contemporary take on the classic Snake game — AppAdvice

“It’s simple to understand, hard to master, and incredibly joyful to play.” — Cult of Mac

Building upon its lovable Doodle Grub predecessor, Grub is an arcade-style mobile game that delightfully combines classic snake gameplay with an endearing character, a series of levels to challenge skill and agility, and comic book art by Laurel, renowned French artist and Pixowl’s co-founder.

In Grub, players are challenged to save Grub’s best friend from the bird who captured him all while growing stronger and surviving the dangers and perils of life as a worm. Players squirm through 15 levels and interact and overcome multiple varied obstacles. Each level offers a different kind of challenge, such as eliminating a certain amount of enemies (Hedgehogs or Wolves) or collecting a given number of Apples. Power Ups such as Spikes or Magnet help Grub survive the winding trails of worm life. A survival mode is also available for players looking for just a few minutes of unwinding and relaxing gameplay.

Grub’s gameplay is modeled after the most famous mobile hit game Snake. Combining the memorable concept of addictive gameplay and modernizing it with challenging features and stimulating graphics, Grub is the next generation of the Snake game.

Grub features :

15 levels offering various challenges such as reaching certain scores, eating enough fruit, killing enemies, reaching a given size or scoring a big combo
Unique Survival Mode across two different levels
3 Power Ups: Use Spikes to kill the varied Hedgehogs and Wolves; Freeze the with the power of Ice and use the 
Magnet to collect Apples and Coins
Ability to upgrade Grub capabilities up to 7x each Power Up for maximum effect
Intuitive and responsive tilt controls, with two choices for device position: flat or inclined
GameCenter Support: Share high scores and compete for top spots on the leaderboards
Social Media Integration (Twitter & Facebook): See friends on the map and compare progression
More than 30 achievements including surpriseful challenges, like “Globe Trotter” (walking over 40,000 km), Colossal 
Grub (sizing up) or Serial Killer (killing over 1,000 enemies)
Video Replays and Comic Strips that unlock as players progress through the levels



Grub (AppStore Link) Grub
Developer: PIXOWL INC.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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