Hovercraft Takedown

Hovercraft Takedown compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Hovercraft TakedownHovercraft Takedown description :

Hovercraft: Takedown is the #1 combat racing, custom vehicle building, totally addicting, physics based, action game of the year!

Thugs have taken over the the Hovercraft highways!

Build your custom Hovercraft. Arm it to the teeth with machine guns, lasers, and rockets. Then take to the streets and rack up those Takedowns!

Hovercraft Takedown features :

Build a completely custom Hovercraft and arm it with guns, lasers, missiles, and more!
Smash enemy vehicles to pieces and cause crazy chain reaction explosions!
Equip up to 6 weapons simultaneously, and customize your loadout from thousands of possible combinations
Long range sniper cannons? 360 degree tracking lasers? Triple fire homing rockets? How about all of them, at the same time!
Blast your way through gorgeous rocky mountain passes at breakneck speeds
Counter enemy weapons with dozens of unique power ups and weapon types
Upgrade your Hovercraft squadron and become even more powerful
Endless loot! Collect & win tons of rare, epic, and legendary consumables & gear from card packs
Real-time damage models affect all of your Hovercraft’s systems, from weapons to thrusters
Experience insane physics-based combat racing, like nothing you’ve played before!

I got 35 Takedowns! What’s a Takedown?… – Margaret from California
Those #@$% laser trucks keep blowing up my power core! – Noah from New Zealand
My custom Hovercraft is a flying cat with laser eyes and machine gun paws. – Spark from New York


Please note this app is not compatible with iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4.

Install Hovercraft Takedown :

Hovercraft: Takedown - Custom Combat Cars (AppStore Link) Hovercraft: Takedown - Custom Combat Cars
Developer: High Score Hero LLC
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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