iAnagrams designed for iPhone and iPad

iAnagrams description:

iAnagrams is distinguished Anagrams puzzle game which has taken the puzzle game to a whole new level.

The main objective for the player in Anagrams is to make the required word by carefully arranging the available alphabets in proper order. During this course of puzzle, you are equipped with powerful utilities that will facilitate your way to complete the required word. That’s not all, as a player you must keep track of the timer clock which tells you how much time you have to complete the word.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5

iAnagrams features:

Fill Next Alphabet: When you use this utility, first empty alphabet slot from left will be automatically filled with correct alphabet.
Fill All Vowels: Using this utility will fill all the vowels in the word at once.
Fill All Alphabets: This is the most powerful utility, when you will use this utility, all the remaining alphabets will be filled at correct places and will ultimately clear the round. It is immaterial if you have filled in any alphabet or not every empty slot will be filled-in.
Show Word Description: Every word which is to be made is meaningful and will have a meaningful description. This utility will show you the description of the word so you may guess the word easily.

While you can enjoy making words and clearing rounds and categories earning coins, you can take on online challenges. That’s right anyone playing iAnagrams can submit a worldwide challenge for online competition. You can defeat the online challenges to earn more coins. Coins play a key role in Anagrams. You should be keen to earn coins. Each game round you win, you get minimum 5 coins. Coins can be spend to use utilities to score even high in puzzles.
You can bid coins in challenges to play and can earn even more coins.

** Get unlimited words and categories updates **
Free updates are constantly pushed with new Categories and Words which means the game will stay fresh all the time with constant updates…



iAnagrams (AppStore Link) iAnagrams
Developer: Digifork Studios
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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