Leave Devil alone

Leave Devil alone designed for iPhone and iPad
Leave Devil alone

Leave Devil alone description:

Are you looking for a real challenge?

Leave Devil Alone is an exciting tower defense game from the makers of Parking Break.

Once upon a time,in the kingdom ORZ, humans and demons were lived together in peace. One day, a new king’s hunting exploits angered the underground demons triggering the first devil-human war.
As a new Devil, can you defeat the powerful human armies and lead your demon troops to victory?
Take the challenge and make these pesky humans LEAVE DEVIL ALONE!
Leave Devil Alone offers tension-filled gameplay, a formidable arsenal of unique devil’s weapons and a range of special magical powers. For each human you defeat, you store rage that lets you use your magical powers that you can use in dire situations! Upgrade your weapons and special magical powers by earning coins for every impressive devil win!

Leave Devil alone compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Leave Devil alone features:

Fight in 5 different zones of otherworldly combat
45 heartpounding levels,
Upgradeable skills, demons and monsters
Unique power-ups,
Powerful BOSSES, each more formidable than the last.
Easy to use, sleek touch controls.
Gorgeous cartoony graphics and effects.
Catchy musical soundtrack and sound effects
Challenging and nuanced strategic gameplay


Leave Devil alone (AppStore Link) Leave Devil alone
Developer: JinPing Wang
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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