LightBike compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

LightBikeLightBike description :

LightBike is a 3D game application for iPhone.

You drive the LightBike, which builds walls of light on your track, and beat enemies in cyberspace.

Being easy and simple, LightBike excites you all!

The demonstration movie is available on our website.

How to play
Tap left side of the screen to turn left
Tap right side of the screen to turn right
Tap the center of the screen to speed up

LightBike features :

1 player mode (Easy mode only)
Multi-player mode over the Internet.
(Note: that you can play 3 times a day)
(Note: our handles and points will automatically passed to the FullVersion in your upgrade)

Feature of LightBike Full

Varied difficulties
2 players mode w/ split screen
Multi players (2-4) mode w/ Wifi over the Internet
Battle point system

Customer Reviews :

I really liked the tron like feel of this game, I had looked for something like this for awhile and it was great when I found it!

This game is basically a four player fight against other light cycles. It’s a free for all. The graphics looked great, and so is the artificial intelligence for the enemy cycles! I have come to a point where I can win most of the time, but they still give me a run for my money sometimes! I haven’t had trouble with any bugs or glitches, everything seems fine to me.

I would like to suggest putting the word “options” on the small information button. It took me forever to find out that that was where the settings were!

It’s a very well thought out game for I think your first game but keep updates going because that lets the gamer know your still a active company/game maker this was my first game I ever played when I was 5 and I still have the since and know I’m 16 and I think you should fix the win screen because red looks like pink that’s all

Install LightBike :

LightBike Free (AppStore Link) LightBike Free
Developer: Pankaku, Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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