Maximum Car

Maximum Car compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Maximum CarMaximum Car description :

An explosion-laden, arcade racing game that will have you feeling like a badass in seconds.

Maximum Car is basically Burnout for mobile. If Burnout was a chunky pixelled mix of Chase HQ, Mario Kart and, er, Burnout.
Pocket Gamer SILVER AWARD 8/10

Fun is a word that will continue to roll around in your head every time you play Maximum Car
4/5 Gamezebo

All of this insanity is accompanied by a fantastic sound-track
Big Red Barrel 4/5

Maximum Car features :

Drift and boost your way through 5 unique game worlds in ONE HUNDRED tasty looking cars.

Battle your way to victory, complete missions or enjoy the slow mo takedown cams as you explode fellow racers with missiles – perhaps from the comfort of an Ice Cream Van.

It’s up to you…

But whatever you do, be sure to do it MAXIMUMLY (that’s not a word).

MAXIMUM CAR is the second greatest racing game EVER MADE

MAXIMUM CAR is an Ancient Games d.s production and the lovechild of award winning animation duo tea&cheese (8-BIT WATERSLIDE) and legendarily bearded indie game developer Nicoll Hunt (I Fight Bears / FIST OF AWESOME).

No forced ads, no banners and no push notifications. That’s right, we hate money.

Not recommended for iPad 2 or lower

Install Maximum Car :

Maximum Car (AppStore Link) Maximum Car
Developer: D.S Ancient Games LTD
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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