Move the Match

Move the Match compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Move the MatchMove the Match description :

Move the Match is a classic game where you must solve puzzles by moving, adding or removing matches to find the right results!

Puzzle type includes completing squares, triangles or solving math equations.

This game will really train your brain and is suitable for all ages.

Move the Match features :

6 episodes with over 600 levels in total.
Minimalist design.
Relaxing background music.
Ask friends for help when you are stuck.
Useful hints when no one else can help.

To remove a matchstick : Tap on it.
To add a matchstick: Tap on an empty place holder.
To move a matchstick: Tap on a match stick to remove it first then tap on an empty place holder to add it.

We will be adding new episodes every month. Stay tuned for updates.

Install Move the Match :

Move the Match - Brain Puzzles (AppStore Link) Move the Match - Brain Puzzles
Developer: Ying Woon So
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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