Must Deliver

Must Deliver compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Must DeliverMust Deliver description :

They are coming. You… Must… Deliver…

Finally! We have the cure that will destroy the ZOMBIE virus plaguing our world! We MUST DELIVER it to as many survivors as possible… The only question: CAN YOU DELIVER?

Run like hell and move between zones to deliver the cure to helpless survivors! Eliminate the infected with your arsenal of ZOMBIE-ANNIHILATING SUPER MOVES and avoid getting bit at all costs!

Must Deliver features :

Enjoy Frantic, Fast-Paced Retro-Inspired Game Play!
Dodge and Destroy Zombies as You Deliver the Cure!
Race Through Diverse Environments and Weather Conditions!
Unlock dozens of Characters Each with Unique Super Moves!
Earn Coins and Rewards as You Best Your Friends’ High Scores!

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Install Must Deliver :

Must Deliver (AppStore Link) Must Deliver
Developer: Cherrypick Games S.A.
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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