Planet Nam Nam

Planet Nam Nam compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Planet Nam NamPlanet Nam Nam description :

The world’s most significant monuments have been stolen by invading birds and brought back to Planet Nam Nam! The fate of humanity’s landmarks rest solely on our hero – P1W! His mission is far from easy – he has to travel to Planet Nam Nam to fight those vicious creatures and get back what is rightfully ours! Help P1W on his quest to retrieve our monuments and teach those crazy birds a lesson!

A first-person shooter arcade game

Guide P1W through Planet Nam Nam’s 3 different worlds, help him overcome waves of birds and destroy their crazy vehicles! You do so by tapping on the screen to shoot them and their eggs before they hit you or the ground. Progress through the levels, defeat the Nam Nam mastermind in the ultimate arcade Boss Fight and retrieve our monuments.

Players are treated to fabulously fun graphics and sounds, addictive gameplay, and plenty of challenges, making for a real hit – AppPicker

It has the addictive quality of Temple Run or Candy Crush but with a larger variety of level-ups to give you enough motivation to come back for more! – IGN Middle East

The game is made-up of 3 themed worlds each with 16+ levels, a mind-bending frenzy level and two Boss Fights. Complete World 1 and unlock the game to access World 2 and World 3 to continue on the Nam Nam adventure!

Planet Nam Nam features :

The Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty are just two of the many monuments the Nam Nam birds have managed to steal! Lead our hero through his battles and get the landmarks back to its rightful people!

Meet Koukouwa, Rikocha and the rest of the Nam Nam clan! As you advance in levels, the number, type and viciousness of the birds you are up against increases as well. So get ready for the battle of a lifetime!

Rank up by getting more experience and generating as many combos as possible. Collect coins and gems as you advance in the game to buy and upgrade kickass weapons, power-ups and equipments to help you achieve the ultimate victory!

What is a hero without his gear? P1W has at his disposal many awesome upgradable weapons to choose from. The dual gun, tesla launcher and assault rifle are just a few of the many weapons you can use to bring hellfire upon the Planet Nam Nam villains!

In addition to the weapons, you can also use upgradeable power-ups such as the homing missiles or thunderstorm, to name a few. Use these power-ups strategically to get through the tougher levels and maximize bird casualties!

Please keep in mind that this app offers in-app purchases.

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Install Planet Nam Nam :

Planet Nam Nam (AppStore Link) Planet Nam Nam
Developer: Game Cooks SAL
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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