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Planner S compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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Download The @FreeAppADay Store App And Wish For More Top Rated Paid Apps Like “Planner S (Social Diary)” To Become Free For A Day!

Planner S Update
To update, go to the Updates tab on your iPhone/iPod Touch’s App Store. Choose the Planner S app, and tap on the update button.

Reasons to download Planner S:
#1 app in the App Store within the second day on the market
More than 800,000 total downloads to date
Try this new interactive and creative planner app now!

To celebrate Planner S’s #1 spot in the App Store, Planner S will be offered for free (instead of the standard $4.99) for a limited time.

Planner S features :

Here is what our users are saying:
At first I was unsure about the app, but the more I use it, the more appealing I find it. Even when I am busy, I can write an entry in a minute.
This is different from all the planners I’ve seen thus far. I can personalize it and make it pretty!
Eek~~~! The stickers are so cute!
Please make stickers for men too!
The cute stickers stretch our kids’ imaginations.

Rather than try to create the perfect app, we wanted to create an app that resonated with our users. Planner S is the result of much thought and deliberation. Here are 25 things you can do with Planner S: (For more info, please follow us on Twitter @PlannerS7)
Access an extensive library of 500+ FREE stickers and backgrounds created by professional designers
Tag each entry with event-specific info (location/people/feeling/images)
Personalize your planner with various colorful designs
Affix and rearrange stickers on each entry
Protect your privacy with a passcode and other security measures

View your planner by day or by month
Organize entries by themes/categories
Share your entries conveniently via SNS, Twitter, or Facebook
Email entries to family, friends, or other contacts
Back up and restore entries securely

Access the lunar calendar
Add holiday and special events to your schedule
Create recurring events (daily/weekly/monthly/annual)
Select a font of your choice
Choose the default start tab

Affix up to 3 stickers per entry
Add a creative background skin
Set up scheduling alerts (iOS 4.0 or better)
Customize the app settings according to your preferences
Browse and purchase new items using the Shop menu

Compose entries in landscape mode to make typing easier
Confirm which networks entries have been shared on with intuitive sharing indicators
Enlarge or reduce images added to entries
Access various badges
Hello Kitty stickers and skins

(Sticker-related technical patent number: 1020110025118)

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Still conflicted as to whether you should download the app? Check out the upcoming features to look forward to. As soon as development is complete, these features will be reflected in the next update.
Sync with external calendars (Google calendar or Naver calendar)
Back up your planner online

Our Planner S team has used countless number of apps since the iPhone was first released in 2007. We deleted many apps within the first 5 minutes of use, but occasionally there was an app that we enthusiastically recommended to all our friends. We hope that Planner S will be such an app for you.
If you deleted Planner S within 5 minutes of use, please tell us why in our review. We’d like to improve our app to fit our users’ needs.
If you are recommending this app to your friends, thank you! We’ll strive to add innovative features and design creative stickers to better serve your needs.

Install Planner S :

Planner S (Social Diary) (AppStore Link) Planner S (Social Diary)
Developer: AKABOOK Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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