Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and Dragons designed for iPhone and iPad

Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and Dragons description:

The new Collaboration between the Rebuild of Evangelion films and Puzzle and Dragons  is here!
New Angels Invade the Puzzle and Dragons  dungeons! Don’t miss this chance!!

Puzzle and Dragons  is a simplistic, fun, entertaining, electrifying game. It combines the puzzle mastery of Tetris, with a simplistic edge of unique battling skills. You have the ability of forming 6 different dragon team, to enter, fight, & clear various dungeons, to acquire various types of dragons & eggs. You also have the ability to combine 2-6 dragons to form special and/or strong dragons, with various enhancement items to maximize your dragon. You can max out your dragons at varying levels to combine with evo material, which enables you to grow your dragon to the highest levels of strength & stamina. The game also allows you to maintain friends in gaming, giving you the ability of adding a friends strongest dragon to your team temporarily. The game presents as an easy play style puzzle game, while in truth it is a complex strategy game that is sure to challenge & gratify a variety if players on any level. You match orbs based on attribute (fire, water, grass, etc) and deal damage to enemies. When you first start you slowly start dungeon crawling and as you progress you earn pal points through friends using your monster and stones by completing a certain amount of dungeons (3-5). The stones are used the same as pal points in the egg machines. (A dragon that you pull that arm and randomly obtain a creature). If you ask me this game does an AMAZING job of letting you obtain creatures. Long story short, I HIGHLY recommend trying this game out. You get stronger creatures faster by buying stones, but around the holidays the game gives you stones daily. (It costs 5 stones max to pull from the rare machine) This is by far one of my most favorite puzzle apps on here.This game is super addicting.Download this!!!

Puzzle and Dragons  compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Puzzle and Dragons  features:

New monsters, skills, and dungeons added
Puzzle Orb support added for players with color vision deficiencies
HP gauge now changes colors depending on amount of HPs remaining
Mass Attack visuals may be selected in the Options menu
New content download display revised
Score feature added for Legend difficulty and harder special dungeons
iCloud game data restore feature added


Puzzle & Dragons (English) (AppStore Link) Puzzle & Dragons (English)
Developer: GungHo Online Entertainment, INC.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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