The Raid Of Wolve 3D

The Raid Of Wolve 3D compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Raid Of Wolve 3DThe Raid Of Wolve 3D description :

The Raid Of Wolve — first-person shooter developed by digiant games studio, using the classic gameplay modes shore landing, the game will take you into the center of the storm of the modern defensive war, and proximity to its the magnificent environment feel modern warfare and heavy, the taste of the charm of the real battlefield, first moved to re-invent the first-person shooter.

The Raid Of Wolve 3D features :

The war of the smoke the entire defense base, the enemy forces has broken through the the fullbacks defense began their occupation of the base center, and the entire continent of combat into the anxious state.

Exposed to all sides in order to try to slow the invasion of the enemy, win the support of our meta reinforcements troops, as the base of which the last one mercenary, players need to destroy enemy forces as possible to protect the landing point of the reinforcements, attacking enemy forces, the only sustenance only weapons and bases of the hands of only being defensive fort.

The story mode consists of 45 common tasks, challenge mode includes 30 challenge missions, each challenge are three difficulty levels selectable the Standings mode allows players the game the best results uploaded to the server for the global ranking.

The game offers three scenes of the airport, hills, base, with the sunny, foggy day and night weather patterns, presented in detail rich 3D effect.

Powerful particle system to create a real war scenes, including explosions, splashes, smoke, flames, and many other effects common to create a stunning picture of expression.

The game offers players various the ordinary / strengthening ammunition and props, such as the time still turn the tide of the battle anywhere, call dropping supplies summon bomber designated area bombing prop shop.

New combat gameplay, the rigorous battlefield design efforts to build a more realistic modern war experience for the players!

Install The Raid Of Wolve 3D :

The Raid Of Wolve 3D (AppStore Link) The Raid Of Wolve 3D
Developer: Yong Xue
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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