Relative Benchmark

Relative Benchmark compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Relative BenchmarkRelative Benchmark description :

This benchmark was made to see when mobile GPUs will be fast enough to render console-like graphics.

Relative Benchmark features :

Custom shaders for all the 100+ distinct materials, terrain shader with blend maps, transparency sorting, water with real-time reflection and refraction, Post Processing Effects : High Dynamic Range, Bloom, Depth of Field, real-time Shadow Mapping, GodRays, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, AntiAliasing, Anisotropic Filtering.
As of version 1.6, navigation mode is freely available so try it out and see the effects from wherever you want !

An extra Explorer Mode offered as an in-app purchase will enable :
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Instanced Tesselation
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Some of the features in the benchmark has levels (Low/Medium/High) whenever possible. Here’s how they differ :
DOF – Low ( 7×7 kernel, ) High (15×15 kernel, effectively 4 times more operations)
Shadows – Low (1024×1024 shadow map with a smooth filter of 3×3 ) Med ( MaxTextureSize /2 with 5×5 kernel ) High ( MaxTextureSize with 7×7 kernel )
SSAO – Low ( 1/4 Res ) High ( 1/2 Res, 4x heavier on processing )
For comparison purposes always use the low setting for backwards compatibility with previous submitted scores.

You can submit scores online for cross platform score comparisons or view the submitted scores. This feature is currently experimental as it is still being worked on.

GL Extensions

This feature is for developers and will detail all the OpenGL ES 2 or OpenGL ES 3 extensions that your iOS device supports. Tapping an OES/EXT extensions will also open a web page for that extension’s specification. If you are a developer, you can share/send the extensions through e-mail, Facebook,etc.

Install Relative Benchmark :

Relative Benchmark (AppStore Link) Relative Benchmark
Developer: Ciprian Stanciu
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

Relative Benchmark

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