ShieldMe Rx

ShieldMe Rx compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

ShieldMe RxShieldMe Rx description :

Inroducing worlds first Physicians Call Management App.

Easy Simple Secure and Privacy and Time to Call Protection.

Just Four Steps to Complete Patient Call Management.
1. Register ( Your Mobile number )
2. Set Contact time (Calls only come in during the pre set time)
3. Add Patient ( System will auto inform Patient of the connection number and NOT your real Mobile number)
4. Call or Recieve calls as per you set times.

Control who calls you
Control when they call you
Who doesnt call you
Prevent Reverse Number look up protection.

ShieldMe Rx features :

You can Add Patients Mobile Number on the fly.
Generate a Privacy Protectd and Time To Call Number, this number is Paired one on one between you and your patient.
The system will automatically infrom the patient of the Connection Number. for example ” Hi This is Dr (Your Name), my personal contact number is 123 456 7890.
Set Contact time. and control when you are busy and when your patients can call you.
Patient Address Book for ready reference and Management add and delete.
Know who is calling you with caller ID.

Security Features:
Prevent any reverse number look ups (no one can find out where you live or work)
Every connection Number is unique. only between you and yoru Patient no one else can use that number.
Prevent Hacking or Identity theft or any snooping.
Enjoy your personal time without any disturbances.
Complete control on who can call you when they call you and when they cant call you.

Unlimited patients can be added to the app- Fair usage policy applies.
Each patient will be assigned a unique one on one paired number.
Unlimited talk time, No limits on talk time talk all you want we dont charge you for any air time, in comming or out going.
Works every where Your home office even when you are on the road, if you got coverrage we got you covered.
Works seamlessly on 2G – 3G – 4G LTE or any network. QOS of your wireless provider.

The Service is specially designed for Dr.,Physician,Dental Practice,Chiropractice,Dentist, for privacy, schedule and patent call mangement.

We got you Shielded -Privacy and Time Management Control back in your hands.

Install ShieldMe Rx :

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