Shooting Showdown 2

Shooting Showdown 2 compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Shooting Showdown 2Shooting Showdown 2 description :

The closest experience you can have to the actual thrill of being out on the range. – Sgt. Jeremy A. (USMC), Advanced Weapons and Tactics Instructor

Experience the game that changed the FPS genre forever. Match up against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in the first virtual reality shooting range!

Shooting Showdown 2 features :

With gyroscopic virtual reality, skill based reloading, and ultra competitive multiplayer, Shooting Showdown 2 is the most technically advanced shooter on the planet.

Hyper-realistic muzzle flash, bullet tracers, and true impact audio make for a spectacular next-gen experience.

With our exclusive Quick Match system, get placed in a lag-free multiplayer match in 5 SECONDS. No waiting. No lag. Just play.

Virtual reality controls let you take aim with your device– how accurate are you really?
Head-to-head multiplayer with or without GameCenter
Physics-based shooting challenges with destructible targets
Practice range for honing your skills
Leaderboards and Achievements to track your improvement
Unlockable guns and upgrades

Install Shooting Showdown 2 :

Shooting Showdown 2 (AppStore Link) Shooting Showdown 2
Developer: Naquatic LLC
Rated: 17+
Price: Free Download

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