Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Silver BulletSilver Bullet description:

You are trapped in a laboratory infested with genetically engineered werewolves: it sucks to be you…deal with it! . To make matters worse, you are dying, and your health is rapidly decreasing every second.

Silver Bullet features :

Stay alive by collecting the blue health spawns and shooting dead the werewolves with your M4 assault rifle loaded with silver bullets, and your grenade launcher charged with silver frag grenades…
don’t forget to upgrade at the end of each game: …Good Luck!


Full 3D Graphics, Full on 3d FPS action!! Forget zombies, its werewolves you should be running from..

• 5.56mm firing silver full metal jacket rounds
• m79 grenade launcher firing silver laced HE frag grenades

COLLECT a Coins Reward for each WEREWOLF KILL
Use coin bonuses to upgrade your weapons and increase your WEREWOLF killing ability

Challenge your friends and other door gunners on the Game Centre Leader-board!


Silver BUllet is ONLY AVAILABLE on iOS!

Install Silver Bullet :

Silver Bullet (AppStore Link) Silver Bullet
Developer: alp boysan
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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