StableCam : Video Stabilization & Slo-Mo Camera compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

StableCamStableCam description :

StableCam remove camera shake on video. Use iPhone camera to record video, or import video into the app, stabilize the video with just single click. The resulting videos will be much smoother than the original recordings, and pleasant to watch.

StableCam compensates horizontal, vertical and rotational camera motion. You can also optimize the video stabilization by using different stabilisation profile and adjustable strength.

StableCam also provide slow motion video editing to comprehend with the stabilisation effect. Use the StableCam editing tool to define slow motion range, adjust the strength to slow or to accelerate video motion.

With just few taps you can directly share your edited videos to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox from the app. Or just save them to camera roll.

StableCam features :

Why StableCam?

Full 30/60 fps video recording
Stabilize video by removing camera shake
Slow down or accelerate video motion, with adjustable start and end video range
Live comparison between the original and stabilized video
Import any external video or just capture video using iPhone camera
Adjustable stabilization profile and stabilization strength
Adjustable strength for video slow motion or acceleration
Clip video using the range editor
Share video to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox, directly from the app
Save video to your camera roll
Powerful video library for managing your stabilized videos

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Install StableCam :

StableCam: Video Stabilization (AppStore Link) StableCam: Video Stabilization
Developer: Tapclay Mobile LLP
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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