Storm the Train

Storm the Train requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Storm the TrainStorm the Train description :

A one-way ticket to side-scrolling mayhem!

Send your agents on a rampage of destruction against unending hordes of zombies, robots, ninjas and relentless boss battles in this explosive, guns blazing side-scroller.

Recruit new agents with special abilities and gadgets to lay down the law to the advancing evil hordes. Swipe to switch between equipped agents and take advantage of their individual skills to overcome your enemies.

Recover stolen blueprints to upgrade your arsenal and complete your mission objectives for even greater rewards!

Storm the Train features :

Classic side-scrolling gameplay with explosive action
12 collectable agents with different skills and abilities
Swipe between your 2 equipped agents
Upgrade numerous weapons, drones, and gadgets
Ride the Challenge Chopper and play for extra daily rewards
Destroy as much as possible to get the highest score

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Customer Reviews :

Is a great game, it’s got zombies, skeletons, robots, ninjas, and interesting maps! It’s has blue prints that give you upgrades for guns, characters and your healing factor. There jet packs and chainsaw massacre shooting machines. You will have a healing factor of 100 to survive a train of zombies, ninjas, and robots. There bosses you will have to fight at on point throughout the train of doom. When you have reached the end you jump to your own base train. There will be a weapon changer red dotted box. Those boxes will be threw out the train of the evil creatures. There will be shops on the base train and can change your character and you can by some diamonds and some coins.

Install Storm the Train :

Storm the Train (AppStore Link) Storm the Train
Developer: Games Faction Ltd
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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