Super Battle Racers

Super Battle Racers compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Super Battle RacersSuper Battle Racers description :

Experience the real-time fun! None of those turn-based blah.

BATTLE & RACE against millions of players around the world. Use awesome weapons and summon powerful monsters to be #1!

In your quest to become the best Battle Racer, you will free villages from the clutches of evil and help restore glory to your town and its people. You aren’t just racing for yourself – you’re racing for freedom!

5/5 – Fast pace and exhilarating!
5/5 – So addictive! Love the ability to play wth so many weapons!

Super Battle Racers features :

Battle with millions of players in real-time.
Explore the map across 7 beautiful themes.
Personalize your arsenal including Space Gun, Missile, Flamethrower, and many more.
20 monsters to breed, battle, and evolve. All with unique abilities.
Construct your home town to hone your skills.
Play with your friends on any platforms, at the same time!

Install Super Battle Racers :

Super Battle Racers (AppStore Link) Super Battle Racers
Developer: Game Hive Corporation
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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