Super Battle Tactics

Super Battle Tactics designed for iPhone and iPad

Super Battle TacticsSuper Battle Tactics description :

Feel the ground quake and hear the crowds roar as everyone prepares for the main event! We’re live on ‘Tank TV’ where bold tactics and artful artillery take center stage in an explosive winner-takes-all battle. Roll the dice to deal detrimental damage and take home the prize in this turn-based battle of brains and brawn.

Super Battle Tactics features :

Whopping War Machines: Contest for coveted machine parts to build a competition-crushing team of tanks
Swift Showdowns: Bring out your best tanks and takedown your competition in fast-paced head-to-head battles
High Risk Choices: Select your targets, time your re-rolls, and unleash strategic attacks to clinch your victory
Extreme FX: Each battle is packed with big explosions and booming sound effects that will get your adrenaline pumping
Accept endorsement contacts from Sponsors for a chance at extremely rare parts and tanks

Here on Tank TV it’s all about The Fans!!! Thanks for all your feedback and reviews! We’re constantly working to make this game even more awesome and have some really exciting features coming out in the next few weeks:

Compete in live events to earn legendary rewards and prizes for taking first place on the league leaderboards
Gather your friends, form a Club, takedown other Clubs from around the world, and share the glory

Leave it all on the arena floor and take your place on the podium in Super Battle Tactics now!

Super Battle Tactics (AppStore Link) Super Battle Tactics
Developer: DeNA Corp.
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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