SweetPicks designed for iPhone and iPad


SweetPicks description:

SweetPicks is the app that helps you remember things you like. An apartment to buy, decoration for your home, some nice shoes you see in a shop, a restaurant or a cool bar, a presents for your loved ones…

SweetPicks let’s you create rich notes with all the things you need to remember – text, picture, voice memo, location, price and more.

SweetPicks is intuitive, fast and easy to use.
It has been designed to capture things on the spot while out in the street

Your notes are always with you and can found back in an instant.
SweetPicks let’s you classify notes into favorite lists or search thanks to powerful search capabilities.

Whether for you personal or professional life, SweetPicks saves you time and money by letting you make the right purchasing decision at your pace.

New: You can now share notes through Facebook or by email. You can let your friends know about a good restaurant or about a pair of shoes they might like. They will be able to imported shared notes to their own SweetPicks application!

SweetPicks compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

SweetPicks features:

Capture notes in an instant
Notes can include text, voice, pictures, location, price, date
Build notes using pictures from your camera roll
Export notes photos to your cameral roll
Add tags to your notes – an easy way to find back your notes very intuitively
Modify notes as you need it
Duplicate (clone) notes – create new from existing note
Visualize notes and access all elements inside
Scroll picture, hear voice memo, show location on map
Post note to calendar (when you have added a date e.g. for future events)
Sort notes by capture date or by alphabetical order
Create favorite lists of notes
Add and remove notes into/from favorite lists
Modify/delete favorite lists
Sort your favorite lists to the order you want by dragging them up and down
Share notes to friends by email
Let your friends upload notes to their own SweetPick application
Share notes on your facebook page
Move notes into trash – restore notes from trash
Permanently delete obsolete notes
Three powerful search capabilities
Based on keywords and other criteria
Displaying the search results in picture mosaic
Using tags to bring you directly to the notes you are looking for


SweetPicks (AppStore Link) SweetPicks
Developer: Francis Henry
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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