Tek:Fit designed for iPhone and iPad

Tek:Fit description:

Tek:Fit is the most advanced app dedicated to the Crossfit community to date.

If you live far from a Crossfit affiliate, travel frequently, or don’t have regular access to the internet, but still want to be able to keep up with your workouts, then this is the app for you.

If you want to log your workouts, graph them to see your performance over time, as well as see reports on your overall performance, then this is a great app for you.

This app was developed with the Crossfit user in mind. We queried trainers, experienced athletes, as well as newbies and asked what they wanted in an ideal fitness app.

As a result, Tek:Fit is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to find your workout, get the necessary timers, log your workout and graph your performance with just a few clicks.

Tek:Fit compatibility: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Tek:Fit features:

You can choose a workout by name, the type of exercise you want to do, the kind of equipment you have available, or by workout length.

You can even scale the intensity of your workout to customize it exactly for your needs.

There are 200 workouts in the database and more will be added in the future.

There are countdown timers, a stopwatch and specialized timers for the most common Crossfit workouts like tabata, tabata this, tabata something else, and Fight Gone Bad.

The stopwatch and countdown timers have a voice prompt every 30 seconds that tell you how much time has elapsed so you don’t have to stare at your phone anymore. Just
plug in your headphones, put on some tunes and the app will interrupt your song, notify you of the elapsed time, and then continue playing your music.

If you workout with a friend, you two can focus on spotting each other and just let the timers tell you the elapsed time through your speakers.

Tek:Fit (AppStore Link) Tek:Fit
Developer: Dushan Perera
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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