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Temple Wellness & Fitness designed for iPhone and iPad
Temple Wellness & Fitness

Temple Wellness & Fitness description:

Easy, fun, one tap entry and a cool, fresh design. Record your daily activities quickly and get back to your life.

Top 10 in Health & Fitness!
Are you ready for a fresh take on health goal tracking? We were, which is why we created Temple Wellness & Fitness. Counting every last calorie, every last lap or mile can be interesting — for about a week. In the long run, what matters is not the number of grams of fat in that cheeseburger, it’s the awareness you build about what you do with your body, every day.

There are plenty of apps out there with detailed calorie databases and GPS trackers; Temple Wellness & Fitness aims to be something different. We want Temple Wellness & Fitness to be your constant companion on your fitness journey, wherever it takes you, and so every decision we’ve made has been in service of three goals:

1) Make your habits visible so you can take action on them
2) Make it easy and automatic to make entries
3) Make an app that you’ll be proud to use

Temple Wellness & Fitness compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.   Temple Wellness & Fitness is optimized for iPhone 5.

Temple Wellness & Fitness features:

We assume you already know what you want to do, and just want a little help. So Temple does just three things:

Lets you enter activities with a single tap
Reminds you to make entries if it hasn’t heard from you in while
Shows you your progress over time

All tied together into a beautiful app that will feel right at home on your iPhone.

Everyone is different, so everything is changeable. You can start using Temple right away with the great defaults we’ve chosen for for you, but you can also customize to your heart’s content. You can:

Set targets
Change the portions
Change the units. Liters, reps, miles, points, servings, whatever works for you.
Change Fitness, Fluids, or Fuel to be whatever you like
Set whether it prompts you and how often
Change the message it uses to prompt you
Set the start and end of your day so Temple Wellness & Fitness doesn’t bug you to eat something at midnight


Temple Wellness & Fitness (AppStore Link) Temple Wellness & Fitness
Developer: InfiniteRed LLC
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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