Tiny Heroes

Tiny Heroes requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Tiny HeroesTiny Heroes description :

Build Traps, Summon Creatures, Cast Spells … Whatever it takes to defend your treasure!

Every level is a unique, meticulously hand-crafted challenge with razor-sharp balance by the masters of the genre.

Stuck? Need help? Visit tinyheroes.com for hints, full level walkthroughs, forums and news!

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Tiny Heroes features :

Conquer over 50 unique levels!
Defend the Dungeon with over 30 Defenses!
Build towers, set traps, summon minions and conjure spells!
Unlock Challenge Levels to test your skills!
Impress with Achievements and leader board scores!
Game Center integration!
Beautiful Retina screen support!
New Campaigns, Challenge Levels and Defenses as downloadable content!

As a touchArcade moderator put it:

I can’t recommend this game Enough! TD fans, strategy fans, heck, iOS fans are missing out if they don’t click the buy button right. This. Second!

Customer Reviews :

This is a great strategy game. I have played Tiny Heroes for probably a hundred hours and have not begun to exhaust all of the possible defensive scenarios! While you develop your own favorite defensive combinations, it’s fun to read about those tried by others and then to give them a try. And you can earn new defenses By accomplishing certain achievements, creating more havoc with the Heroes. I love this game! One of my favorites is to play a level with just one defender! Give it a try.

Install Tiny Heroes :

Tiny Heroes (AppStore Link) Tiny Heroes
Developer: Simutronics Corp.
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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