Vortex The Escape

Vortex The Escape compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Vortex The EscapeVortex The Escape description :

Vortex – The Escape is a genre-defying blend of action platformer and puzzle game, allowing for both fast paced action gameplay and/or methodical puzzle play.

Players control ENDR, a quirky robot, as he weaves his way through a myriad of testing facilities with the aid of his gravity-bending Vortex gun.

Deemed obsolete and facing destruction, ENDR embarks on a quest though 32 levels to prove his worth. Are you up to the challenge?

Vortex The Escape features :

Adventure through 32 levels across 2 chapters
One of a kind art style, combining textured realism with the animated world of Vortex!
Unlock hidden skins to customize your character
High quality electronic soundtrack to set the mood and pace
Piece together the story of ENDR through cutscenes and dialog, revealing his present and future challenges!

Customer Reviews :

Pretty good game don’t get me wrong but the game loads kind of slow so I have to give it a 4 other than that its the best portal game I’ve ever played!  P.s. I’ve now played the game

It is an ok game but I expected it to be a first person shooter of portal. Plus, it wanted me to buy a full version. They should’ve made a separate app for the full version. Not very good controls.

Install Vortex The Escape :

Vortex - The Escape (AppStore Link) Vortex - The Escape
Developer: Roumen Kassabov
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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