ZombieMoon compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

ZombieMoonZombieMoon description :

A revolutionary game that uses the gyroscopic properties of your iPhone to experience an out of this world shooting experience!

Zombie MOON uses your iPhone’s gyroscope to explore the game’s virtual world.

Year 2048, the zombies rule the earth, obliging the little survivors to flee to the moon.
You and your captain are responsible to protect the few lunar bases from possible zombie attacks before future humans inhabit the moon.

ZombieMoon features :

Control the game with the movements of your iPhone and forget about the buttons for moving and turning. Just one button: Fire!
Two modes: Adventure. Experience the gyroscopic history throughout 30 thrilling levels and discover the hidden secret. There is an unexpected finale.
Arcade mode: survive the horde of zombies in the best time possible.
High Definition 3D graphics (Retina Display) on your iPhone4
60 fps (frames per second)! Normal games are usually a maximum of 30 fps. Zombie MOON achieves 60 fps, providing smoother movements and graphics.
Weapons: Get zombie weapons and improve them through the different phases in history mode. Ball shooters, paralysing ray, mine bombs and the incredible disintegrator ray: finish them off with a single stroke.
GameCenter support for the history mode and arcade mode. You can compete with your friends or the rest of the world to see who can finish off more zombies or for how long you can survive!
Thirty levels in eight different environments. You will have to face all kinds of zombies, UFOs and meteorite storms.
Integrated Facebook support. Now publishing your high scores or telling your friends how good you are is easier than ever given that Zombie MOON is integrated with Facebook, at the press of a button.

Warning: ZombieMOON only works with iPhone models with gyroscopes built-in, such as iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th generation. iPhone models 3G and 3GS are not supported

Install ZombieMoon :

ZombieMoon Lite: A Gyroscopic Shooter (AppStore Link) ZombieMoon Lite: A Gyroscopic Shooter
Developer: david linan reyes
Rated: 9+
Price: Free Download

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