Zombies Slayer Streets 3D

Zombies Slayer Streets 3D compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Zombies Slayer Streets 3DZombies Slayer Streets 3D description :

It looks like the world has gone crazy! Its zombie apocalypse – evil hungry monsters are all around!

There is no one to rely on but you, so load your gun and step on the path of zombie city battlefield!

Make your way through infested streets of abandoned city which are swarming with evil undead – kill them all to win and earn the highest score! Hopefully there are various types of weapons lying around so make good use of them and heal with first-aid kits if you are injured! Become the hero-survivor in the dark apocalyptic world!

Control your character by sliding the screen. Use the buttons to shoot your weapon, reload or change it! Test your accuracy skill – aim as precisely as you can and eliminate all bloodthirsty zombies standing on your way to safety! Good luck!

Zombies Slayer Streets 3D features :

Beware! Its zombie apocalypse on the streets – fight your way to safety!
Various types of guns to kill the undead!
Amazing ambiance and shooting sounds!
Always be on guard – zombies don’t sleep!
Zombie first person shooter – you will be thrilled!

There is no time to hesitate – evil zombies are your doors! Get on the gloomy streets full of undead and kill them all to survive! Can you manage it? Find it out with Zombies Slayer Streets 3D!

Install Zombies Slayer Streets 3D :

Zombies Slayer Streets 3D (AppStore Link) Zombies Slayer Streets 3D
Rated: 12+
Price: Free Download

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